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16mm white wire leading, black plated metal flat head waterproof starting gear indicator light (FL1M-16FW-2)

   This is Auto starting gear, with reset function (reset to the “on” gear). When the key switch is turned to starting gear, the starting relay makes the starting motor drives the engine crankshaft, and then the engine works.

   As for our starting gear indicator light, customization is available.

The mounting diameter is 16mm, with wire leading, glowing white, with flat head, waterproof, and made of black plated brass. The lamp is the LED imported from America, with high quality and longevity.

   If you have any interests, please contact us at sales2@filn.com.cn, or visit our website: www.indicatorlight.com. Our professional team will try our best to satisfy you, and contact you to solve your problem as soon as possible.