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14mm stainless steel flush head waterproof red battery failure indicator light with cable(FL1M-14FW-2)

   Because the car relys on the battery, all the car has a battery in the instrument panel,it is for the warning when the charging system is broken. And there is a simple circuit, it is used to monitor the voltage from alternator. If the voltage is lower, will open the battery. When the indicator light is lighted, it means that the battery charging is wrong. If the battery is always lighted during you drive the car, the normal reason is that the alternator belt is breakage, the other reason is that the alternator with a big problem.

   Next, introducing our battery failure indicator light to you. It can be customized, it is 14mm diameter and with cable, the lighting is red, and it is flush head and waterproof, it is stainless steel with good quality, the LED is imported from the USA, good quality and long life.

   The more details pls check our official website: www.indicatorlight.com, and you can send email to our mail address: sales2@filn.com.cn to ask the more details, we will meet your request and give you prompt reply, and to solve your questions.