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14mm Red stainless steel Flat waterproof parking brake symbol indicator light (FL1M-14FW-2)

   Parking brake, usually refers to the motor vehicle installation manual brake, hereinafter referred to as the hand brake. To vehicle to a complete stop after stabilize the vehicle , avoid when car parking in slope road accidents due to slide, Common handbrake generally in the driver's right hand prolapse, easy to use. the parking brake light is lit up is to remind the car brake down, put it then drive!

   Then introduce our company manufacturing parking brake lights. It accept custom, it’s a 14 mm indicator light with wire, the output color to red, the head for flat and waterproof, high quality stainless steel material.

   Imports from the United States LED to the quality of good life is long, please visit our website : www.indicatorlight.com or email: sales2@filn.com.cn.Inquiry us, and We will meet your demand and contact you quickly, to solve the problem you met