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14mm Red stainless steel Flat waterproof brake system warning indicator light (FL1M-14FW-2)

   Brake system warning indicator is used for warning you whether the brake system is out of order. The indicator light lights up temporary when car starts, and goes out when car is running. When it lights up during driving, it means the brake fluid is not enough or some trouble happen to your brake system, and you should check and maintaining your brake system in time. In some old cars, because the brake system and parking system use one indicator light, the light will light up when pulling up handbrake.

     Here we have a brake system warning indicator light.Customer made is acceptable.it is a 14mm cut hole,pre wire leads.with the import LED from USA.the LED color is red,flat lens.IP 67 .the long life led lamp.if you interesting please view our web:www.indicatorlight.com.

   For more information please email us:sales2@filn.com.cn. we will meet your needs and quickly contact with you to solve the problems you face.